My Jesus…..Your Jesus

Let me tell you about my Jesus.

He died for me…..yet He is alive.

And He is your Jesus too.

A very long time ago, A virgin named Mary gave birth to a baby named Jesus. As a grown man, Jesus walked the earth saving lives, performing miracles and telling people about his father…..God.

Jesus never sinned…..but oh, have we!

And here is the best part……you might want to sit down:

He was tortured and crucified and hung on the cross….where he died, to wash away our sin. And the blood he shed still washes away our sin today!

Amazing…..isn’t it? He loves us that much!

Do you know him?

Just in case you don’t, let me tell you something. He loves me……and he loves you too. He loves every person on this earth equally and unconditionally.

It’s true….it really is!

Isn’t that amazing? HE is amazing!

If you pray, and ask him into your heart, your life will never be the same, and you will never regret it.

Try it! Then you can call him YOUR Jesus too.cross